“Tomorrow's Roundtable” is a documentary series that creates community campaigns addressing social and environmental issues using ideas imagined by children!

We are building a web platform to empower communities with tool kits for social change, imagined by children.
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What if the world's greatest imaginations address its greatest challenges?

Tomorrow's Roundtable explores the brilliance of children while providing a charitable platform for communities to address problems that affect the world of tomorrow.

Please invest in this platform for kids to heal the world.

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Roundtable Media LLC is the media company producing Tomorrow’s Roundtable, with a business plan written mostly by 3rd graders. Let us know if you’re feeling venturous.

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Business Plan Overview


Kids For Peace, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is the fiscal sponsor of Tomorrow’s Roundtable. Make it your legacy to give a voice to the next generation with a tax deductible donation that empowers children to save their future.

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This may be an opportunity for your product to be involved in the Education Revolution. Drop us a line if your company makes a product we can integrate and feature in the campaign.

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Brands spend millions on causes with no financial ROI, and billions on advertising with no social ROI. Tomorrow’s Roundtable fills both gaps with a multimedia platform that empowers youth to create campaigns to heal communities using the products of innovative brands. As the story of the brand is told, their sponsorship continues to fund each campaign. Every time content is viewed, money goes to the cause. It’s a perpetual motion machine.

The Roundtable Business Model = Financial Sustainability