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“Principles vs. Principals”  Plot Summary

The Tomorrow’s Roundtable pilot film, “Principles vs. Principals” is documenting one of the great challenges of our time: Education. 

Addressed by the great minds of our time: Children

What would the world be like if schools were designed by children?

Act 1: TALK


Elementary school kids from across California held roundtables discussions. They brainstormed ways to improve education for all children. Imaginations ran wild. Then something unexpected happened, instead of trying to fix existing schools, the kids created their own school. A school based on solutions to their 15 biggest learning challenges.

It was named 15 Seeds.



15 Seeds launched in the beginning of the 2015 school year in Bayview-Hunters Point, San Francisco — one of California’s low income communities. Now, our documentary is following seven middle-schoolers who are the pioneer students in this school. Children in this community are surrounded by gangs, drugs, and teenage pregnancies. Despite all odds, these young pioneers are seven months into the journey and achieving the extraordinary.



Kids designed 15 Seeds to change the game for students everywhere. Long after the cameras stop rolling in San Francisco, 15 Seeds will continue on as a school where all children can build their dreams.




Who are The Young Hustlers?


Unexpected twist: Can 15 Seeds be a business incubator for kids?

15 Seeds is designed for students to learn what they are most interested in. The pioneer students decided they are most interested in learning entrepreneurship. So now they are using 15 Seeds to build and run their very own company. (www.TheYoungHustlers.com — under construction.) It is a hip-hop lifestyle brand with a mission to inspire, uplift community, and create opportunities for other kids. Now the students are experientially learning topics including business development, management, and creative arts. Adult mentors who are leaders in a variety of industries provide structure and support.  The Young Hustlers will offer products including apparel, a financial literacy mobile app, and a web series about their story.

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“ShounB33z” /“Cali” /“Daja” /“Papa” /“H33MBACKTHEN” /“Nique” /“SpiderUpNext’

When I  went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment.

I told them they didn’t understand life.

— John Lennon


“Tomorrow’s Roundtable” is a documentary film empowering kids to accelerate education. It is a project under Kids For Peace, a 501(c)3 non-profit serving 2,188,669 kids in 47 countries. (KidsForPeaceGlobal.org)  In 2014 our production team filmed a roundtable conference with children from across California and asked “How can education be better for all children?” Something remarkable happened, they created a new kind of school that allows students to learn what they want in the way they want to learn it. It was named 15 Seeds and launched in 2015 in San Francisco’s Hunters Point District, one of California’s low income communities. Now, our documentary is following the journey of seven middle-schoolers who are the pioneer group of students in this school. These students chose to focus on entrepreneurship. So they are using 15 Seeds to build their own company, which they named “The Young Hustlers.” They are learning financial literacy, business development, management, and creative arts with adult mentors who are leaders in finance, technology, branding, hip-hop, and wellness. With this evolution in curriculum focus, we are seeing a rapid transformation across many levels of academic impact for all seven students.


The Mission

Tomorrow’s Roundtable explores the brilliance of children while providing a philanthropic platform to help communities heal. Childhood is a liberated state for the human heart and mind. There is genius and magic in it. Children naturally experience life as a field of possibility. Our story is told from the point of view of children, both narratively and from camera angles. Tomorrow’s Roundtable allows children to show us the world through their eyes. We use powerful techniques to convey the perspectives of children with art and technology. Our artistic mission is to provide viewers and communities with a lens to see and feel life as children do. Our social mission is to bring the dreams of children to life.


How 15 Seeds Was Created

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Bayview, San Francisco

The pilot program for the 15 Seeds School will begin in Bayview-Hunters Point in San Francisco.