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Starting at the Root of Society’s Illnesses

We are in production on a feature length documentary film enabling children to create and implement their own solutions to improve education in America.

“Principles vs. Principals”  Plot Summary

The Pilot Film

The Tomorrow’s Roundtable pilot film, “Principles vs. Principals” is documenting a campaign tackling one of the great problems of our time. The education crisis.
What would this world would be like if people everywhere were educated? What is the secret to learning?

Act 1: TALK

It began like a talk show. 5 kids had a roundtable. They brainstormed how to solve America’s education problem. Imaginations ran wild. They came to many possibilities. Then something interesting emerged. Instead of trying to fix America’s public schools, the kids looked past schools. They birthed an idea not at the mercy of the traditions in the current system. They invented a new system, based on their own principles. It is an approach that can teach any subject to any person anywhere.


We’re calling this invention “15 Seeds.” We launched it in San Francisco at the beginning of the 2015 school year. We’re testing it with real students and documenting the journey. We will show the impact in our film. As we rally support from sponsors and philanthropists for 15 Seeds, the Roundtable kids continue the quest at the macro-level — meeting with leaders from across the nation to further address America’s education crisis, with their very own solution.


The kids designed 15 Seeds to change the game for students everywhere. If the program proves success in our documentary, then long after the cameras stop rolling 15 Seeds will continue. If it is truly a game changer, it will be implemented by other communities.


Backdrop – America’s Education Crisis

Our story begins in one of America’s at-risk communities. We meet 10 youth living in “The Bayview” — San Francisco, CA — perhaps one of the more challenged areas in one of the world’s greatest cities. These youth are entering 7th grade, a year many students mentally drop out of school, and they face high risks. They’re living the consequences of our public school system’s widespread inability to engage students. To complicate matters, children here are surrounded by family members dealing with gangs, addictions, unemployment, and teenage pregnancies. These distractions make it difficult for many of these students to recognize the importance of education.


Next, meet 5 elementary age kids from across California

“The Roundtable Kids.” They come together with our host Ivy to discuss America’s education crisis. They address questions like “What causes you to learn?” 15 Seeds is born as we witness them invent a new approach to learning. Geordie emerges as the narrator and central character. She has a burning drive to make peace in the world, and sees Tomorrow’s Roundtable as an opportunity of a lifetime. Her life story underscores our theme of a generation on the brink of catastrophe. There was a high risk of death upon her own birth. At age 4, her mom went into respiratory arrest. Geordie saved her mom’s life. She has gone on to accomplish remarkable things and she’s only 11. Geordie does not blink at the thought of doing things adults say are impossible.

children_katie children_isaah children_gabriel children_emma children_geordie

Now, let’s put their invention to the ultimate test

The Roundtable Kids say 15 Seeds can change the world. It could be used by anyone anywhere, but to put it to the ultimate test, they decide to launch it in one of San Francisco’s most dangerous neighborhoods. If the program can accelerate learning in The Bayview, it can probably accelerate learning in many communities. The program pioneers will be ten high-risk Bayview 7th graders, and two teachers with great heart. They’re going to need it. Fights, sex, drugs, gangs, carjackings, robberies, and shootings are daily possibilities. Coordinating 15 Seeds in this environment might prove to be the challenge of a lifetime. It could push Geordie and the teachers beyond their limits. There are possibilities for all sorts of trials and tribulations. There are also many possibilities for triumphs of the human spirit. This journey may become one that mixes meltdowns with miracles. With persistence and luck, maybe 15 Seeds will help ten young souls on the front lines of one of life’s great battles. At times, it may look impossible, but the Roundtable Kids are pouring everything into this, and they want greatness for the youth of The Bayview.

Education Protesters   Empty Desks

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Meet the Host — Ivy Joeva

On-Camera Host

As a life-long dancer and healer, I have always worked at helping people find their way back home. Whether that is in their body or their hearts. As a seasoned reporter and host, my passion is raising awareness of issues facing our world. My journalism career includes credits with Current TV, One Beat Channel, and Channel One News. After finishing UC Berkeley with a double major in Psychoneuroimmunology and Dance, I became aware of the need for a holistic approach to healing—one that addresses mind, body, and spirit. I am a holistic health counselor, state-certified massage therapist, DONA-certified doula, and Khalsa Way prenatal yoga instructor.

When I  went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment.

I told them they didn’t understand life.

— John Lennon

The Mission

Tomorrow’s Roundtable explores the brilliance of children while providing a philanthropic platform for communities to address problems. Childhood is a liberated state for the human heart and mind. There is genius and magic in it. Children naturally experience life as a field of possibility. Our story is told from the point of view of children, both narratively and from camera angles. Tomorrow’s Roundtable allows children to show us the world through their eyes. We will use powerful techniques to convey the perspectives of children with art and technology. Our artistic mission is to provide viewers and communities with a lens to see and feel life as children do. Our social mission is to bring the dreams of children to life.


Meet the Team


Writer / Producer

My first job was at age 7, in my father’s law firm as an office assistant. I was given the rare opportunity to learn the important aspects of business starting in childhood. This experience empowered me in ways I’m still discovering. In 1999 I started writing every day, and to this day I have not been able to stop. Writing is how I most intimately experience life.

Cinematographer / Producer

I recognized at a very early age the potential of the camera to illuminate issues, inspire action, and influence people. Still the most widely-sought form of entertainment, the process from capture to creation has always fascinated me. Over the last decade I’ve shot countless narrative, commercial, and documentary pieces that have spanned both the country and a little of the globe.



In the last six years, I’ve produced over 60 productions including documentaries, commercials for Fortune 500 brands, feature films, shorts, TV sizzle reels and music videos (budgets range from $5k – $1mil USD).  I earned a B.A. in Cinema at San Francisco State University then served as Head of Development for Aero Film & American Rogue for two years, where I packaged projects for brand sponsorship & distribution and developed television & digital media concepts.



I began writing, directing, and editing films in 1996. At the American Film Institute I cut my award winning film “Shards” before graduating in 2004. I have edited 18 movies. I was the sole editor on 14 of them and 11 are full features. “The Wackness” was Audience Award Winner at Sundance. I have worked in a variety of genres, including Comedy, Action, Horror, Family, Biography, Musical.


VFX Producer / Animator

I’ve been a 3D animation artist on 4 blockbuster movies and multiple video games. Some of the most fun productions were Avatar, Spider Man 4, Star Wars Episode 7, Batman: Arkham City, and DC Universe. Currently I am working on Jurassic World at Industrial Light and Magic. Prior to that I was a 3D animator and visual effects artist at Pixomondo and Blur Studio. I started making films at age 14 and have crafted 7 of my own.


Executive Producer

My excitement to bring the wisdom of children to the public is contagious. I manage finances, strategy, organization, and communication. Prior to this I managed a banking firm, ran 3 companies, and raised money for numerous charities. My combined experience in management and activism has advanced my vision to create a position for myself to do both at the same time. Let’s give the people of the future a seat at the table

The Potential of Tomorrow’s Roundtable

We’ve launched a pilot campaign for children to tackle the U.S. education crisis. If it is successful, more campaigns will be launched sequentially empowering children to tackle some of the most imperative social and environmental challenges.



The Origin Story

Tomorrow’s Roundtable was born in 2009 during the depths of “The Great Recession.” A period also marked by great environmental disasters. Mike Wike and Veronica Morales began talking about how media might be able to help heal the world. They came to the idea that innocence deserves a chance. They began filming roundtable discussions of children to learn how children think about social issues.

The Early Footage was Remarkable

The early footage was remarkable, and many adults responded enthusiastically. It was fresh, and indeed an innocent approach to world problems. Mike and Veronica developed a format that could empower the insights of children — something with a focus on learning from children, instead of teaching them. The journey began. They formed a production company and continued working with children. The project revealed deeper layers each step of the way. Over the years it went through various evolutions, finding its voice to become what it is. Now a community is building around the project from an extended network of organizations and people that want to give innocence a chance.

Bayview, San Francisco

The pilot program for the 15 Seeds School will begin in Bayview-Hunters Point in San Francisco.